Even someone who has been through the experience of moving property from somewhere relatively small, understands how much of a trial the task can be, especially if you are attempting to make the move on your own, rather than using a professional removalists. It is very easy to underestimate how big a task it actually is, as many people will not look very far beyond the large items, which they assume will be the bulk of the work. In point of fact, while getting some heavy and bulky items around a few tight corners, and through some almost too small doorways can be challenging, in many cases, this is actually the easiest part of the job.

Smaller Items

The smaller and medium sized pieces are actually the most time consuming and are the things most likely to create more problems than you had thought, and that is just when you are emptying the old building. The real fun starts when you get to the new house, and the lack of planning and organisation leaves the whole move totally unravelling on you. When packing things up, it is common for things to get put into any box in which there is some space, so that trying to find everything at the other end can cause much exasperation, often ending up up taking weeks to fully sort out.


The difference between moving yourself and a professional like Mooval Removalists comes down to planning and organisation. Amateurs tend to just load stuff up haphazardly and unload the same way. This means that furniture gets put into the new house in the wrong order, and creates obstacles for stuff coming in later. Often the same piece of furniture is moved repeatedly to allow passageway, causing unnecessary extra work, all of which takes time.


Among the contents of a property there are usually a few heavy pieces which are difficult to manoeuvre, along with a few fragile objects which need to be treated with care, a fact well understood by the professionals. You don’t have to break or damage much, to have thrown away the money you may have saved, and while even removalists suffer occasional breakages, they at least have the luxury of being insured, so you are guaranteed that everything will make it there intact, or be replaced. Aside from the real aggravation of moving, this single factor should be sufficient to justify not doing it yourself, as one broken TV could cost a lot more than the entire removalists fees.


Moving house is already a fairly stressful business, and adding to that stress by moving everything yourself simply adds to it. You can either drive yourself and everyone around you crazy, or you can take the smart route and get someone to do it for you. Pack up a few essentials, take the kids out somewhere for a nice relaxing and fun day, enabling you to turn up at the new house, where the furniture is already in pretty much the right locations, and the boxes of smaller stuff, all clearly identifiable from the professional labelling, are sat in the right rooms ready to be unpacked, leaving you ready to begin enjoying your new home, without the drama.